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Getting the Money
A Step-by-Step Guide for Writing Business Plans for Film

Getting the MoneyPublished by Michael Wiese Productions

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Filmmakers interested in financing their own films have to start with a business plan (or at the very least, know all of the facts that would go into one). Few know how to put one together. Getting the Money gives a relaxed, step-by-step approach on how to do so. Of particular use are the financial sections where, for the first time, readers are guided on exactly what to do and exactly how to do it, using examples from sample plans. No more vague instructions that amount to hiring someone else. Once finished with the book, readers will have their own plan they can use to attract financing for their films, be it in conjunction with other legal documents or not.

Key Features

  • The only step-by-step business plan guide on the market.
  • Uses three sample plans throughout the text as the basis for examples.
  •  Written for artists yet detailed enough for those versed in high finance.

Price: $26.95
ISBN: 9781932907643

Advance Praise
(in alphabetical order)

"This is the first book that I have seen that gives a comprehensive and comprehensible explanation of, and game plan for, creating a business plan for independent films. Jeremy demystifies the very difficult subject matter of film finance. I highly recommend this book to independent filmmakers and investors alike!"

– Hillary Bibicoff
Partner, Entertainment Attorney, Greenberg Glusker Fields Claman & Machtinger LLP

"Through the use of copious examples and a thorough, disciplined approach, Jeremy has created a tremendous template for Producers to utilize as they create their business plan - I regret not having this at my disposal in my early attempts..."

– Wrye Martin
Producer, The Life of Reilly (SXSW feature film selection)
Producer/Director, Aswang (Sundance feature film selection)

"An amazing reference for anyone even thinking about writing business plans for films. Clear, concise, and understandable. Not to mention, a great overview of the nuts and bolts behind how an indie film makes money."

– Arie Posin
Director, The Chumscrubber (Glenn Close, Ralph Fiennes,
Carrie-Anne Moss, Rita Wilson)

“The job of an independent Producer blends the skillful art behind both the financial and creative process. Jeremy Juuso's book, Getting the Money, is an incredibly comprehensive guide to putting together a business plan to finance movies for the independent filmmaker. After having independently financed dozens of movies over my career, I still found this book to be an incredibly useful tool. For the new filmmaker, you should consider this to be the definitive handbook to getting your movie financed. Jeremy's book clearly walks you through the process of creating and building your business plan from beginning to end and keeps you focused on what you need to know and how to get the information to do it. If you follow Jeremy's guidance, by the time you're finished, you will understand your movie from every financial angle necessary and your investors will love you for it. Then onward to the creative process.”

– Matthew Rhodes
Producer, Nailed (Jessica Biel, Jake Gyllenhaal), Passengers (Anne Hathaway), Southland Tales (Dwayne Johnson, Sarah Michelle Gellar)